Hillary Clinton And Elizabeth Warren Team Up To Devastate Donald Trump In Ohio

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren didn’t just campaign together in Ohio. The presumptive Democratic nominee and the senator from Massachusetts teamed up to rip Donald Trump apart.



During her introduction of Clinton, Sen. Warren said, “When Donald Trump says he’ll make America great, he means make it greater for rich guys just like Donald Trump. Great for the guys who don’t care how much they’ve already squeezed from everyone else. Great for the guys who always want more, because that’s who Donald Trump is. The guy who wants it all for himself, and watch out, because he will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants. That’s who he is. Just look at the evidence. Donald Trump cheered on Britain’s current crisis which has sucked billions of dollars out of your retirement accounts because he said, hey, it might bring more rich people to his new golf courses. He cheered on the 2008 housing crash because he could scoop up more real estate on the cheap, and he cheered on students desperate enough to sign up for his fake university so that he could bleed them dry and turn a profit for himself. What kind of a man does that? What kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs, to lose their homes, to lose their life savings. I’ll tell you what kind of a man. A small insecure money grubber who fights for no one but himself. What kind of a man? A nasty man who will never become President Of The United States.”

Former Sec. of State Clinton hit Trump with the other of half of the one-two punch, “As Elizabeth made clear, Donald Trump proves every day that he’s not in it for the American people. He’s in it only for himself, and Elizabeth reminds of that every chance she gets because it is really important that voters here in Ohio and across America understand this. She exposes him for what he is. Temperamentally unfit, and totally unqualified to be President Of The United States.”

After she had discussed her plans for the economy, Clinton turned to Trump, “Ask yourself what are Donald Trump’s plans? Well, best I can tell, he has no credible strategy for creating jobs, and maybe we shouldn’t expect better from someone whose most famous words are you’re fired. He rails against other countries, doesn’t he? He says he’s for our workers, but Trump’s own products are made in a lot of countries that aren’t named America. Trump suits were made in Mexico. He could have had them made in Brooklyn, Ohio. Trump furniture is made in Turkey instead of Cleveland. Trump barware is made in Slovenia instead of Toledo, so how does that all fit into his talk of America first? But that’s just the start. This is a man who plays coy with white supremacists and mocks people with disabilities, who talks about banning an entire religion from entering our country, who talks about getting rid of gun free zones in schools, letting more countries have nuclear weapons, defaulting on our national debt, turning back the clock on marriage equality. Just like Elizabeth, I could go on and on. This is someone whose reaction to the horrific mass shooting in Orlando was to publicly congratulate himself. And on Friday, when Britain voted to leave the European Union, he crowed from his golf course about how the disruption could end up creating higher profits for that golf course. Even though within 24 hours Americans lost $100 billion from their 401(k)s he tried to turn a global economic challenge into an infomercial.”

The only thing that Trump said about the Clinton/Warren stop in Ohio was a tweet:

Donald Trump isn’t engaged in the presidential campaign. Two of the most prominent Democrats in the country unloaded on Trump in Ohio, and all he is doing is tweeting. Donald Trump has made more trips to Scotland (1) than he has to Ohio (0) since becoming the Republican nominee. Warren and Clinton tore Trump to shreds, and the Republican nominee has no response.

The polling isn’t wrong. Hillary Clinton is leading in all of the polls because this is a currently a one-sided presidential election. Clinton and Warren walked into a swing state and took Trump apart with no pushback from the candidate or the Republican Party. Democrats are doing the work needed to win in November, while Trump isn’t even showing up to campaign to be the next president.