Elizabeth Warren Is Gathering A Democratic Army To Defeat Donald Trump

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is urging all Democrats to go on the attack against Donald Trump because now is the time to go after the Republican nominee.


During an interview on The View, Sen. Warren (D-MA) said, “You know, the way I see it is the Republicans waited way too late to go on the attack after Donald Trump, and they waited until he had basically seized the nomination and then a bunch of them are saying: Oh my God, that man is not ready to be president of the United States. That man is dangerous. That man holds a bunch of views that are really horrible views, but it was too late for the Republicans. Well, my view on that is, I’m not waiting. I waded in on Donald Trump. Now’s the time to go after him. You bet.”

Warren is correct. Democrats have learned from the mistakes of the Republican Party. They aren’t falling for Trump’s tabloid style tactics. They aren’t kidding themselves that Trump is a fad, or that he will go away. Democrats are taking Donald Trump seriously, which is why they are coming after him early and often.

The worst mistake that Democrats could make would be to be complacent with Trump. Most Republicans thought Trump could never win, and now he is their presidential nominee. Democrats need to hit Trump early and often. Most importantly, they can’t let up until the job is done.

Donald Trump isn’t a joke. He is the Republican nominee for president. Sen. Warren has it figured out. Trump is dangerous, which is exactly why Democrats should be relentless on him though Election Day.