Trump Flips Out And Blames The Media After Getting Busted For Mike Tyson Convention Scheme


Donald Trump threw a fit after word got out that he planned to have Mike Tyson speak at the Republican convention, and blamed the media for his plan to have a convicted rapist support him on national television.

After Bloomberg Politics reported that Trump was going to have Mike Tyson speak at the Republican convention, the candidate quickly ran away from his scheme to have a convicted rapist voice his support at the Republican convention.

Trump tweeted:


The problem with Trump’s claim that the media made it up was the sources for the report were Trump’s own campaign aides. Trump has also been hinting that he will use sports stars at his convention for months. In June, Trump said, “I’m thinking of getting some of the great sports people that I know that like me a lot and that I like, and not even sports — we may call it the winners’ evening.”

In other words, Trump got caught trying to sneak a convicted rapist on to his “winner’s evening,” and then he lied and blamed the media.

Trump’s bad publicity freight train keeps rolling along, and when he gets called out for a horrible idea like having Mike Tyson speak at the convention, he immediately lies and denies his own plan.

Trump can’t tell the truth about his own convention, so no one should believe that he is capable of being honest about anything.