Trump To Turn GOP Convention Into World’s Worst Infomercial Starring Mike Tyson

Instead of a political convention, Donald Trump is preparing to stage the world’s worst infomercial in Cleveland.

Bloomberg Politics reported:
Donald Trump’s campaign aides are lining up a slate of iconic sports figures to appear at the national convention in Cleveland next month—including former undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight and NASCAR chief Brian France, people familiar with the planning told Bloomberg Politics.

Talks are in the works with a broad slate of other celebrities and top athletes, so the list of those appearing at the convention will grow, organizers said.

If you could pick 3 American sports celebrities who any sane person would not want to speak at their presidential convention on behalf of a party’s nominee they would be Mike Tyson (convicted rapist), Bobby Knight (Rage issues, once choked one of his own players), and Mike Ditka (bigot who called being gay a choice that people have to tolerate). Donald Trump is about to turn the Republican convention into the worst infomercial in American television history.

Trump is aiming for speakers who will appeal to white men over age 45. The guests that Trump is lining up for his convention do not represent the future of America. Trump is grabbing his fellow D-list celebrities and hoping to pop ratings.

The American public should be treated to the surreal moment of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan being followed on stage by convicted rapist Mike Tyson. Trump thinks that he can fool the American people with an Apprentice-style spectacle, but what he is putting together for Cleveland is pathetic and sad.

A train wreck is coming to a television near you. Television ratings do not equal votes. What Trump is planning may attract rubberneckers who want to eyeball the flaming heap of a convention as they click down the television road, but it will only serve to prove that Donald Trump is pandering to an electorate of old white men that is not large enough to win in November.

The Trump Republican convention is going to backfire and show voters why they should not vote for Donald Trump.

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