Clinton Has Huge Leads Over Trump In Latest Batch Of Swing-State Polling


The latest batch of swing-state state polling shows Hillary Clinton dominating Donald Trump in every state surveyed.

The Ballotpedia battleground survey has the presumptive Democratic nominee leading the alleged billionaire in seven key states: Michigan (+17), Pennsylvania (+14), Florida (+14), North Carolina (+10), Ohio (+9), Virginia (+7), and Iowa (+4).

Clinton’s margins over Trump are essentially unchanged even with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson included in the results. Across all seven states, she still leads the spray-tanned buffoon by a margin of 10 percentage points.


These are Clinton’s biggest statewide polling leads of the campaign and reflect similar national results that show her with a solid seven-point lead over Trump.  

Ballotpedia also tested how Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would perform against Clinton, just in case the GOP decides to ditch Trump before November.

While Kasich and Ryan perform markedly better than Trump, each would still fall short of a majority of electoral votes since Clinton beats both of them in Florida and North Carolina.

The bombshell results not only show that Clinton has a commanding lead over Trump, but that she has a multitude of paths to achieving 270 electoral votes – even if Republicans pull the fire alarm and select another candidate to face her.

No matter who the Republican candidate is, they essentially need to run the table in the battleground states in order to secure an electoral victory. Clinton, on the other hand, could win the presidency by carrying just one or two so-called toss-up states, especially since she is likely to carry the 18 states (plus D.C.) that Democrats have won in every presidential election since 1988.

There are still four months for Trump to make up for the ground he seems to be losing on a daily basis, but time is certainly running out.