Things Get Dire For Trump’s GOP Convention As Mike Ditka Turns Down Speech Offer

Donald Trump asked Mike Ditka to speak at the Republican convention, and the legendary football coach turned the Republican nominee down.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported:
Continuing to speak about their mutual respect for one another on a phone line that was interrupted by brief periods of ambient silence, Trump interjected respectfully: “Coach, if you’d like to speak, it would be my great honor.”

Ditka: “I’m not big into doing things like that. I’m not going to change opinions, opinions are like assholes. I believe in the way the constitution was written. But people want to change that. Immigration. Same thing. People want to change things. I believe in you and what you are saying.”

A source confirmed that Ditka politely declined — for now.

In less than 24 hours, Trump’s convention of “winners” has gone from Mike Tyson, Mike Ditka, and Bobby Knight to Bobby Knight, Gary Busey, and some loser from The Apprentice season 4?

The Trump campaign has realized that they have four nights worth of television to fill, and they are unable to attract the big names that Trump wanted in an attempt to make his convention more entertaining. Top Republicans won’t be at the convention. Trump can’t get the “celebrities” that he wanted, so it looks America is going to be treated to four nights of Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and an evening monologue with Donald Trump.

Cleveland is shaping up to be the worst convention in the history of the Republican Party.