Enraged UK Lawmakers Want To Block Trump’s Email Address Due To Spam

UK lawmakers are getting increasingly annoyed as Donald Trump continues to send them spam emails asking for money. It is gotten to the point where the lawmakers are asking Parliament to block Trump’s email address.

The Wall Street Journal reported:
Several members of the U.K. Parliament in recent days have publicly complained about emailed solicitations from the campaign of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, who has in recent weeks escalated his fundraising efforts.

Conservative lawmaker Roger Gale on Tuesday asked the Speaker of the House of Commons to take action to block Mr. Trump’s emails. “Members of Parliament are being bombarded with electronic communications from Team Trump on behalf of somebody called Donald Trump,” he said. “I am all in favor of free speech, but I do not see why colleagues on either side of the House should be subjected to intemperate spam. Efforts to have them deleted have failed. Would you be kind enough to intercede with the Parliamentary Digital Service to see if they might be blocked?”

It is not surprising that Trump who is facing multiple civil lawsuits for fraud in the United States has taken to sending out spam emails begging for money. There is little difference between the Nigerian prince who claims that you will get $3 million if you send him a $1,000 processing fee, and Donald Trump who claims that he will indict Hillary Clinton if you send him five bucks.
The fact that the UK lawmakers are asking for Trump’s email address to be blocked shows the level of exasperation that the elected leaders have reached with Spammer Don’s inept digital fundraising operation.

If the UK won’t ban Trump, it looks they may have to ban his email address to make the spam stop.

Now, if they could only do something about his Twitter account.