Major Republican Donor Warns Trump Will Cause Global Depression If He Wins

A top Republican donor is warning that if Donald Trump wins the White House, he will trigger a global depression.

Paul Singer said, “The most impactful of the economic policies that I recall him coming out for are these anti-trade policies. And I think if he actually stuck to those policies and gets elected president, it’s close to a guarantee of a global depression, widespread global depression.”

Singer supported Marco Rubio and donated a million dollars to a PAC dedicated to stopping Trump, but his comments aren’t being driven by politics.

Every major objective analysis of Trump’s proposals has come to the same conclusion. A Donald Trump presidency would wreck the US economy, and his trade policies would cause a negative global economic event.

The message is clear. A vote for Donald Trump equals a vote for an economic downturn that will make George W. Bush’s Great Recession seem like a small hiccup on the path to prosperity. Trump’s economic policies didn’t work for Herbert Hoover, and they will cause even more damage if they are implemented in the 21st Century.

Republicans know that Trump must be stopped. They couldn’t do it in the primary, so they are counting on Democrats and Independents to save the country in November.

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