Toxic Trump Infects GOP As Republican Movement Grows Against Anyone Who Supports Nominee

Dangerous Don is causing Republican foreign policy experts to run screaming away from their own party nominee.

Things are so bad that a UN Ambassador and Arms Control Director for President Ronald Reagan said he will not only not vote for Donald Trump, but he will not support any Republican who endorses or supports Trump.

Tim Mak at the Daily Beast followed up on the letter written by 121 Republican foreign policy experts objecting to Donald Trump’s foreign policy (such as it is, the man flip flops more than Mitt Romney). Mak reported that out of “the 37 Republican foreign policy experts who responded, 19 said they were either certain to vote for Clinton or were leaning toward voting for the former secretary of state.”

The money quote: “’Not only am I not voting for Donald Trump, but also I am not voting for any Republican who endorsed or supported Trump—be it for Senate, House, alderman, or county clerk. And yes, I will vote for Clinton, simply because to not vote, or to vote Libertarian, would be a half-vote for Trump,’ said Ken Adelman, U.S. arms control director during the Reagan administration.”

Mak also quoted a senior official at the United States Agency for International Development under the Bush administration as saying: “Only one candidate has thought through America’s challenges, understands policy, has a positive and inclusive vision, is smart about the world in which we live, and is ready to be president, and I intend to vote for her—Hillary Clinton.”

Yikes. Republicans are in a tough spot of their own making here. They simply can’t afford to let Donald Trump be their nominee, and yet they have built a base that wants Donald Trump as their nominee.

The Titanic at the top of the ticket will always hurt down ticket, and now there are Republicans vowing not to support any Republican who supports Trump. However, many vulnerable Republicans can’t afford to turn their back on Trump because that will cost them votes back home.

Donald Trump is basically benefiting from a KKK get out the vote operation instead of doing his own work, but the danger is even larger than his scalding rhetoric of hate. That hate is topped off with a large dose of complete ignorance enabled by an ego so large it doesn’t know what it doesn’t know. That is how Trump managed to say that waterboarding wasn’t tough enough — mind you this is coming from a man with such thin skin that he drops rhetorical bombs at the slightest perceived insult.

The man is not just a buffoon; he’s a danger that can’t be unleashed on the world.

This is what decades of Southern Strategy built. Any reasonable person would be ashamed and embarrassed to be a member of the modern day Republican Party. Many of them are.

If Republicans can’t get rid of Trump they should start preparing for a down ticket blood bath. These new voters will be known as Clinton Republicans.