Trump Goes Full Racist And Admits He’s Looking At Firing All Non-White TSA Agents

Donald Trump admitted during an event in New Hampshire that he is looking at firing all non-white TSA agents.


A woman at Trump’s New Hampshire event asked, “Just to make quickly, homeland security and jobs. Why are we not putting all of our military retirees on that border or in TSA? Get rid of all these hibijabis they wear at TSA. I’ve seen them myself. We need the veterans back in there. They fought for this country. They’ll still do it.”

Trump replied, “And you know, we are looking at that. We are looking at that.”

What the woman meant by her question is that America is less safe because non-white people work for TSA. Instead of clarifying to the woman that all people with dark skin aren’t terrorists, Trump played along and said that he is looking at getting rid of the non-white people who work for TSA.

The Trump New Hampshire event, which he abruptly changed from a speech to a Q&A, was a total disaster. With each passing day, Trump continues to give voters more reasons not to support him.

For the record, TSA already follows the veterans preference policy in hiring, so what Trump and his supporter were talking about was not based on truth.

Apparently, to Trump and his supporters only white people are trustworthy vets who can keep America safe. In 2011, minorities made up 20% of the veterans in the US, so what Trump and his supporters want is to deny these vets jobs based on the color of their skin.

The question and Donald Trump’s answer were both based on racism.