Trump’s One Man Crime Spree Grows Into Felony Illegal Super PAC Coordination

As he continues to bombard foreign politicians with illegal fundraising emails, there are also indications that Donald Trump is illegally coordinating with his super PAC.
Josh Marshall at TPM reported on Austrailian MP Tim Watts getting illegal fundraising emails from both Trump and his super PAC:

The more we’ve looked into it, it seems increasingly implausible that he got this list from a list vendor. Not impossible just not likely at all. It now seems more probable that the Trump Organization simply had these emails in some business related database and decided to dump them into the email hopper for the fundraising blitz or just found some site that had a zip file of foreign government officials and used that. As I’ve said, all of these possibilities are outlandish and ridiculous. But we know for a fact that he has and continues to spam members of Parliament in the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland and Iceland and possibly others. So one of these completely preposterous set of facts has to be true.

And here’s where we get to coordination, which is a big no no.

Given what I’ve said above, the existence of this list almost has to originate in Trump Derpland. A virtual certainty. So how did the same list end up in the hands of a Trump SuperPac? I looked up Crippled America PAC and as of their last filing just a couple weeks ago, they’re total budget was $40. No m or b after that $ sign, forty bucks, the price of a fancy dinner. So obviously CAP was just stood up and actually started operating just now. And now they’re showing up in Tim’s inbox.

Marshall is correct. The uniqueness of the list combined with the fact that Trump and his super PAC have no money mean that the list came from Trump’s own files. It is highly illegal for Trump to share his email list with his super PAC.

What is ironic is that a conservative group accused Hillary Clinton of illegally obtaining an email list from her super PAC in June of 2015. Federal law explicitly prohibits coordination and sharing of mailing lists by super PACs and candidates.

A super PAC with no budget somehow got the same illegal fundraising email list that Donald Trump is using. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist of even a campaign finance law expert to figure out what is going on here. Donald Trump is intentionally violating campaign finance laws because he is too cheap and incompetent to build a real campaign organization.

Trump’s felonies as a candidate continue to grow by the day. It is time for an FEC and a Justice Department investigation into Donald Trump’s illegal campaign fundraising activities.

Donald Trump is flaunting his violations of the law, which is why immediate action must be taken to end his one-man crime wave.