Trump Scrambles To Find Speakers For His Loser Convention As Clinton Races Ahead

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump announced that he has filled the speaking slots at the Republican convention. He also claimed that there was a “long waiting list.”

Dangerous Don is desperate to erase the humiliation of his efforts to fill the speaking slots with a convicted rapist and being turned down by Mike Ditka. Yes, the legendary football coach turned the Republican nominee down.

The list of potential speakers has included Mike Tyson, Mike Ditka, and Bobby Knight to Bobby Knight, and Gary Busey. Republicans must be so proud.

After the rejections piled up, Trump announced that his family would be speaking at the convention. His family loves him, y’all.

After elected Republicans began a chorus of “We won’t attend the Republican convention”, Trump turned to sports figures and business leaders. That didn’t go so well either.

Donald Trump thinks he can run for President like he runs his reality TV show. But in politics, few people want to stand next to Donald Trump. It is the nature of the entertainment business that almost anyone will kiss your bum if they think you have power. But in politics, people are a little more discerning — oh, they will kiss your bum if they think you have power, but they don’t want to be seen on a red carpet with you if you are known as a racist moron.

Trump is having a similar problem with his VP list. It’s possible a VP announcement will come any day now – it’s looking like Donald Trump is really going to be the Republican nominee. The frontrunners for Donald’s Big Show are pretty bad, as you might imagine.

As usual, Trump included zero details or specifics in his announcement. It’s just a vague showbiz announcement that spins his humiliation into an imaginary waiting list then names no names.

Compare this to Hillary Clinton’s huge fundraising haul in June, massive advertising campaign, and targeting of swing states, and what you see is a lifelong celebrity D-lister being rolled over by a professional presidential campaign.

If all is lost, there is always the favorite Republican guest speaker, the Empty Chair.