Republican Disaster In The Making As Newt Gingrich Emerges As Trump VP Front Runner

Donald Trump might be announcing his VP pick soon. Much excite. Former disgraced Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) is reported to be a frontrunner.

The ever fresh family-values hypocrite and attempted Clinton-destroyer Newt Gingrich has emerged as a frontrunner. You remember Gingrich for his epic failure that ended up scoring a big touchdown for the Democrats, much as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is now doing.

Gingrich was known for questionable ethics, a budget showdown and government shutdowns. Sounds familiar, eh? Want a government that doesn’t work at all? Vote Trump Gingrich!

Republicans are excited because they live in the past and only recall Gingrich as the guy who almost took down former President Bill Clinton and the guy who was pro-child labor in 2012.

In 1998, Gingrich led the charge to impeach Clinton for his affair and for his testimony about the affair. Gingrich did this while he himself was having an affair with a staffer, making him a the picture of family values hypocrisy. Clinton was acquitted of the charges by the Senate.

Gingrich was a star of the right but he also authored their massive midterm fail. Republicans often leave that part out.

Let us not forget that after bringing government to a halt in his rabid efforts to see Bill Clinton brought down for an affair, it was revealed that Newt Gingrich left his own wife. He visited her in the hospital as she was recovering from surgery (she had a previous history of cancer, this surgery was to remove a tumor), and during the visit he tried to get her to discuss the terms of their divorce. He also failed to pay child support for a time, leaving his children to be looked after by a church drive to raise money for their food. Gingrich’s career as an elected official ended in stepping down and resigning his seat.

He seems perfect for Trump when you recall this quote, dug up by CNN and reported here during Gingrich’s 2012 run:

Leonard H. Carter, a former close Gingrich friend, backed the contention that it was Newt Gingrich who wanted the divorce. “He (Gingrich) said, ‘You know and I know that she’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a president.’”

Gingrich is famous for excusing his impeachment witch hunt against former President Clinton by saying, “The lie matters.” But the lie didn’t matter at all when it came to Gingrich’s lies.

A Gingrich VP sets Trump up to answer to charges that he lied and that the lie matters. Trump really can’t afford to make that an issue, given his speedy, Romney-esque flip-flops and his flat out lies.

Trump and Gingrich stand for serial marriages, unfit treatment of their children, lies, hypocrisy, and more.

This is even a worse pairing than the bad visual that would come with a Trump Christie ticket. At least Christie has a following in the conservative movement. Gingrich is stale bread, whose model of using taxpayer money to smear a Clinton infamously backfired and caused the public to side with Clinton. Gingrich is your classic hypocritical overreacher. In his projection of his own faults onto Clinton, Gingrich’s zeal to destroy Clinton brought his party a big loss.

Gingrich would be a great attack dog, but Gingrich is old news. Hillary Clinton has Gingrich’s number, and it will be easy to remind the public how these two good old boys treated their wives and children. This will be even easier to do, since Republicans including Trump are trying to use Bill Clinton against Hillary.

The truth is that Gingrich was sanctioned by his own House for ethics violations and resigned in disgrace, while Clinton was acquitted by the Senate. It should be noted that Bill Clinton’s affair is something Bill did to his wife, not something Hillary did to Bill, and so it’s not even relevant in examining her attitudes or personal choices except to note that she chose to stay married. Bill’s affair is not equal to Newt Gingrich’s affair or serial marriages or Donald Trump’s troubling attitude toward his own daughter.

Are Trump and Gingrich going to run against marriage and family? Now that would make sense.