Trump Attaches A Star Of David To Hillary Clinton In Repulsive Anti-Semitic Tweet

In his most repulsive tweet yet, Donald Trump implied that Hillary Clinton’s fundraising comes from corrupt Jews.

Trump tweeted:

This wasn’t a tweet that the candidate retweeted from someone else, unlike much of the racist material that the candidate has endorsed on his Twitter account.

The Trump campaign designed a graphic highlighting Hillary Clinton’s fundraising that placed a Star of David beside her. It is evident that the Trump campaign was implying that Clinton is raising her money from Jews.

Trump is flat out appealing to bigots and racists. His campaign is not trying to hide whose support they are courting. Trump is going for the bigot vote. The bigots are his base.

The media can call it populism, or nationalism, but what Trump is selling is bigotry. His vision is that American was better when white people were solely in power. Trump wants to ban Muslims, deport Mexicans, and use racial profiling. It is time for the press to be honest. Donald Trump is the reason why there has been an increase in anti-Semitic attacks on journalists on the Internet. Trump is the reason why the KKK feels inspired and thinks that American politics are turning in their direction.

With the Clinton/Star of David tweet, Trump is upping the ante on his bigotry, which is why it’s time for the American people to stand together and loudly reject Donald Trump.


After this story was published, due to backlash the Trump campaign removed the Star of David and tweeted: