Tom Cotton Falls Apart While Trying To Defend Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) fell apart doing an interview on Meet The Press the moment he was asked about Donald Trump’s foreign policy.



Transcript via Meet The Press:

CHUCK TODD: Okay, fine, but you just gave the case against Clinton. What’s the case for Trump? You just did a whole speech by the way earlier this weekend. You didn’t even mention his name. You laid out a strong case against her. But you did not make a case for him. Make the case for him.

SENATOR TOM COTTON: Well, Chuck, the case against Hillary Clinton’s judgment in foreign policy is very strong to say nothing of her support for Obamacare or immigration or the fact that she would-

CHUCK TODD: Okay, but what’s the case for Donald Trump? I understand the case against Hillary Clinton. What’s the case for Donald Trump?

SENATOR TOM COTTON: Donald Trump can ultimately make the case for himself. But Donald Trump, like most Americans, like most Republicans, believe in protecting America’s core national interests. He believes as do I, as do most Americans, that we aren’t yet doing enough to take the fight to the Islamic State.That the intervention in Libya was ill-considered and slapdash at the time. And we’re living with the consequences of it now. That we have to get tougher when it comes to our intelligence and law enforcement practices to stop Islamic terrorism. On those matters, our party is largely united. And I say that we have the vast majority of Americans with us.

CHUCK TODD: You don’t come across as an enthusiastic Trump supporter. Is that fair?

SENATOR TOM COTTON: Maybe I don’t just demonstrate enthusiasm much in life, Chuck, especially in such dangerous times as these.

Sen. Cotton could defend Trump’s foreign policy because Donald Trump has no foreign policy. Trump is also completely toxic, which is why Tehran Tom gave an entire speech about foreign policy where he never mentioned the Republican presidential nominee’s name.

Cotton’s performance on Meet The Press was a debacle as soon as Trump’s name was mentioned. Republicans are trying to pretend like Donald Trump doesn’t exist. They are running two campaigns. There are Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Republican Party’s fight for survival.

Republicans wanted to make the election about Hillary Clinton, but they are facing a referendum about Donald Trump. Sen. Cotton squirmed and dodged, but in the end, he could not avoid the quicksand that is Donald Trump.