Donald Trump Praises Brutal Dictator Saddam Hussein At North Carolina Rally

At a North Carolina rally on Tuesday, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump heaped praised on former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for his ability to murder terrorists.

“He did that so good,” Trump said.

The spray-tanned fool also referred to Iraq as “Harvard for terrorism,” whatever that might mean.


What Trump forgot to mention as he complimented Hussein’s murdering skills is the fact that the former Iraqi dictator was also responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands his own people.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Trump has heaped praise on a brutal dictator. Earlier this year he praised North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, saying he “deserves credit” for taking out his rivals.

It’s not even the first time the presumptive GOP nominee has had kind words for Saddam Hussein.

During the thick of the primary campaign, Trump said, “Saddam Hussein understood and he killed terrorists.”

As Dean Obeidallah of The Daily Beast pointed out shortly after these comments, “You can (and should) criticize the Iraq War as a horrible mistake. But praising Hussein for anything is like saying Pol Pot was bad, but you have to admit that he was great at reducing crime.”

“Hussein was barbaric,” Obeidallah added. “There’s absolutely no place for even the slightest place for praise of this ruthless dictator who publicly supported terrorism and tortured and killed his own citizens.”

Donald Trump crosses lines that previous presidential candidates would never have been allowed to cross – that we know for sure. But just imagine the backlash that would ensue if a Democratic candidate for president commended a barbaric dictator like Saddam Hussein.