Trump Supporter Screams “Hang That B*tch” As Republicans Call For The Lynching Of Clinton

Supporters at Donald Trump’s rally in Raleigh, NC could be heard by journalists calling Hillary Clinton a b**ch and demanding that she be hanged.

The journalists reported:

Trump supporters are also screaming at the media in attendance for not “telling the truth:”

Donald Trump has been selling the lie that Hillary Clinton is a criminal who should be in jail to his supporters, so it is not a surprise that the most brainwashed members of his wannabe brownshirt cult are having a collective rage fest over Hillary Clinton not facing criminal charges for her emails.

Trump creates this ugliness, and the fact that he is enabling a culture of a). such complete disrespect towards women, and b). violence should be troubling to every American.

What is happening in Raleigh is Donald Trump’s vision for America in action. Trump’s candidacy is damaging the fabric of our country, and even he loses in the polls, Trump has harmed America to the benefit of no one but himself.