Paul Ryan Becomes A National Joke By Suggesting Trump Not Clinton Should Have Classified Info

Paul Ryan suggested at his weekly news conference that Hillary Clinton should not be given classified briefings because of her emails, but that it was perfectly fine for Sadaam Hussein fan Donald Trump to have access to classified information.


Ryan said, “Look, I was on the ticket in 2012. After the convention, you get the full deep classified information as part of transition as part of being the nominee. I think the DNI Clapper should deny Hillary Clinton access to classified information during this campaign given how she so recklessly handled classified information.”

As anyone with a pulse predicted as soon as the FBI recommended that Hillary Clinton not be charged with a crime, Republicans are also making the FBI Director testify before Congress on the investigation into Clinton’s emails.

The idea that Donald Trump is more trustworthy with classified information than Hillary Clinton is laughable. Paul Ryan wants to give classified information to a man who has demonstrated impulse control issues, and has a taste for praising brutal dictators, but he wants America to believe that Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted with classified information.

Paul Ryan endorsed Trump, and now he is stuck with him, and the Speaker of the House is being ruined by the Republican presidential nominee. Republicans selected Donald Trump to be their presidential nominee. For this reason alone, the GOP has collectively demonstrated poor judgment on the issue of trustworthiness.

Speaker Ryan supports Donald Trump, which makes him an awful judge of character, and one of the last people in the United States of America whose opinion should matter when it comes to determining who should have access to classified information.

Rep. Ryan is being turned into a laughingstock by Donald Trump.

The fact that he endorsed Trump may come back to haunt Ryan and destroy his future White House dreams.

Ryan has no credibility, and any point he makes can be undercut by the fact that he has endorsed Donald Trump.