Republicans To Waste More Taxpayer Money On Investigating The Hillary Clinton Investigation

After FBI Director James Comey recommended no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for her email use – and today’s decision by Attorney General Loretta Lynch to accept those recommendations – the Republican Party is fuming.

As a result, they’re getting ready to saddle up for another investigation to nowhere – this time to investigate the investigation. They want to know why the findings in the FBI probe don’t align with their blind hatred of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

“We’re going to have hearings,” Speaker Paul Ryan said last night on Fox News. “There are a lot of unanswered questions here.”

On Thursday, Comey is already scheduled to testify before the House Oversight Committee led by Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, one of the top exploiters of the Benghazi attack. Lynch is also set to appear before the House Judiciary Committee next Tuesday, which is chaired by Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte

“The recent announcement by FBI Director Comey that he does not recommend criminal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified information raises serious concerns,” Goodlatte recently said. 

The aftermath of the email probe does, indeed, raise some serious concerns, but not about the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The real shame is just how much taxpayer money the Republican Party is willing to spend in its never-ending effort to derail Hillary Clinton.

The last failed effort to sink the former secretary of state came in the form of a $6.8 million dollar “investigation” – that’s about $8,000 per day if you’re keeping score – into the terror attacks in Benghazi, which turned up no evidence of wrongdoing by Clinton. Surprise.

The money invested in that political exercise wasn’t to improve the well-being of the country or its citizens – it was a blatant attempt to tear down a political opponent who they’ve been trying to beat for decades. Even GOP leadership has admitted that much.

Now, after Republican FBI Director and former George W. Bush deputy attorney general found that Clinton is guilty of no criminal activity, Republicans want answers. Why? Because the first set of answers didn’t help them achieve their eternal political goal of sinking Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As if Donald Trump being the nominee didn’t make the party a caricature already; now they want to convince the American people that the most important task of government is to investigate an investigation – until they find the answers they want.