Trump Announces That He Wants Convicted Murderer Don King To Speak At GOP Convention

Donald Trump announced with great pride that he had asked convicted murderer Don King to speak at the Republican convention.


Trump said, “You know who I just spoke to? Big Don King. Big Don King. Just spoke to him ten minutes ago. I said Don, I’d love for you to speak at the convention because you know what? You beat the system, and he’s a friend of mine. Big Don. Greatest Boxer promoter of all time and Mike Tyson endorsed me.”

If Donald Trump had his way, the Republican convention would feature convicted murderer Don King and convicted rapist Mike Tyson. Trump already had to uninvite Tyson to speak at the convention after the public backlash was swift and intense, but this is the sort of convention that Donald Trump is planning.

The Republican convention isn’t going to be about the Republican Party. It will be a four-day festival of Donald Trump and his friends. It doesn’t matter if most of the people speaking will know nothing about politics, or that they could care less about the Republican Party.

The convention in Cleveland is going to be all about Trump.

Trump’s speech in Cincinnati was an unhinged disaster, and if this is a preview of what will be presented to the American people under the banner of the Republican convention, the GOP will be lucky if they don’t lose in a landslide in November.

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