Trump Debacle Sinks Republicans As Democrats Seek To Double House Wins

It’s tough to measure how Donald Trump will impact the down ticket votes. Will he turn off Republicans who choose to stay at home or will he convert Republicans into a Democratic voter? It’s possible that some will vote for Hillary Clinton but not for Democrats down ticket.

But things are so bad that House Democrats see a big opportunity to expand their seats thanks to Trump, and they are grabbing it.

Edward-Isaac Dovere at Politico wrote:

Going into this cycle, House Democrats had expected to net fewer than 10 seats, barely enough to track back from their historically low current numbers. Trump’s already pushed that number into the mid-teens. Now they’re looking for ways to get closer to 20. (They’d need 29 to win the majority.)

Donald Trump as a possible president is a scourge on this nation, but he is scoring points for the other team. Trump is so odious that Republican national security experts are refusing to vote for any Republican who supports him, and there is a group of Republican women who are pushing for Hillary Clinton even though to do so flies in the face of their values.

Democrats are gunning for those House seats. If they were to come close to 20 seats, it would make it very difficult for the already divided Republican caucus to get much done. Of course, they don’t get much done now, but Democrats would be much better positioned to be a speed bump to disastrous Republican legislation.

And then in 2018 House Democrats could shoot to close that gap, and in 2020 take the majority. It’s even possible they could take the majority back in 2018 if they gain enough seats in 2016.

Nancy Pelosi might have the gavel back in a much shorter time than anyone saw coming.