With Bernie Sanders On Board Democrats Prepare To Unload Both Barrels On Trump

Now that Bernie Sanders will be endorsing Hillary Clinton, all wings of the Democratic Party will now turn their attention towards eliminating Donald Trump.

The New York Times reported that a Sanders endorsement is coming on Tuesday:

After three weeks of private preparations, Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton on Tuesday at a campaign event in New Hampshire, according to three Democrats who have been involved in the planning.

The Clinton campaign on Thursday announced the New Hampshire trip but did not provide details, including any mention of Mr. Sanders.

This puts an end to the idea that there is going to be some sort of floor fight at the Democratic convention. Sen. Sanders has been moving towards endorsing Clinton for weeks with his public comments, so his endorsement has been expected.

Sen. Sanders’ endorsement is great news for Hillary Clinton and a horrible development for Donald Trump. The presumptive Republican nominee has been peppering his speeches with attempts to woo Sanders supporters for months.

Trump’s attempts to court the supporters of Sanders have demonstrated a lack of understanding of what the Sanders campaign was all about. Donald Trump is the exact opposite of what Sen. Sanders campaigned on. Bernie Sanders is out to return the government back to the people, while Trump is running on the idea that government should only serve those who have the most money, or as Trump put it, you have to be wealthy to be great.

With Bernie Sanders campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Democrats will have a star to send to college campuses around the country to motivate younger voters to get out and elect Clinton.

Democrats have been flexing their muscles for weeks as Clinton has campaigned with the likes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and President Obama, but the moment that may signal doom for Republicans will come in New Hampshire when Bernie Sanders steps up to the microphone and endorses Hillary Clinton.

At that moment, liberals, progressives, and Democrats will all unite and be on a mission to defeat Donald Trump.