Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick Could Come Immediately After GOP Convention

Hoping to blunt any possible momentum that Donald Trump may get out of the Republican National Circus – er, Convention – in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton could reveal her running mate “immediately” after the RNC concludes on July 21, CNN reported on Thursday.

The news organization also reported that Clinton could wait until just before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia – a week after the GOP meets – to build suspense and excitement as Democrats gather in the city of brotherly love.

Clinton has several formidable candidates she is thought to be choosing from, but CNN reports that her list has been narrowed to less than five individuals. The shortlist includes Democratic figures like Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Brown is said to be lower on the list since Ohio Gov. John Kasich would be responsible for choosing his replacement in the U.S. Senate, certain to be a Republican.

Clinton’s selection process continues as Trump struggles to find anyone willing to jump into the dumpster fire with him.

While Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker and Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst were seen as finalists for Trump’s VP nod, they recently removed themselves from the list.

Thanks, but no thanks.

For Trump, that leaves him in the unenviable position of choosing between men like New Jersey Gov. Christie and, of course, the front-runner in the Republican veepstakes, Newt Gingrich.

Really, Newt is the best the GOP can come up with?

The VP selection process has drawn yet another stark contrast between Clinton and Trump.

While the presumptive Democratic nominee has a full slate of viable candidates ready and willing to join the ticket with her, the spray-tanned buffoon can barely find anyone – Don King and Bobby Knight aside – willing to speak at his convention, much less follow him towards an electoral bloodbath in November.