Two New National Polls Show Hillary Clinton With Huge Leads Over Donald Trump

Two new national polls released Thursday show Hillary Clinton dominating Donald Trump in head-to-head matchups.

According to a survey released by Pew Research Center, Clinton beats Trump by nine points – 51 percent to 42 percent. In a three-way contest that includes Clinton, Trump and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, the presumptive Democratic nominee’s margin over Trump remains the same.

The Pew poll indicates that voters aren’t all that thrilled about their choices this fall, but a record number of respondents (74 percent) said that “it really matters who wins the election.”

Although Trump is seen as the change candidate, the survey found that a plurality of Americans believe he would change the country for the worse.

While three-quarters of Democratic voters believe the party will unite behind Clinton, only 38 percent of Republicans believe the GOP will solidly unite behind Trump – a terrible sign for Trump as the Republican National Convention approaches.

A second poll out Thursday has Clinton defeating Trump by 11 points – 44 percent to 33 percent. The survey, released by Reuters/Ipsos, has Clinton leading by 9 points with Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein included in the results.

According to the poll, Donald Trump’s negative rating is still through the roof as about 60 percent of Americans view him unfavorably.

With all polls factored in, Clinton now leads Trump nationally by an average of six points.

It remains to be seen how the numbers will change after a week in which the FBI exonerated Clinton and Trump completely melted down in Ohio.