Republican Strategist Rick Wilson Slams Trump’s ‘Neo-Nazi’ Base Of Supporters

Rick Wilson, one of the most outspoken #NeverTrump Republican figures, tore into Trump’s “neo-Nazi” fanbase on Tuesday night, saying Trump supporters “range in sophistication from the guys who are fairly clever race-baiters to the crazies in mom’s basement screaming for Hot Pockets and a new Holocaust.”

Watch the full segment below, via MSNBC:

Wilson said:

The fact of that matter is, Donald Trump understands who these people are. I’ve come to believe it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. This is is a guy who understands that the center of his play is this deeply resentful, edge-case group of people who really believe that the Jews control the world and that white nationalism is the future of American politics. They range in sophistication from the guys who are fairly clever race-baiters…to the crazies in mom’s basement screaming for Hot Pockets and a new Holocaust.

He treats with all these people. He engages with these folks. He retweets them. Every single time the guy tweets something, the top four or five responses come from these bots and these neo-Nazi kids who are his biggest fan base. The guy will not disavow them. He wouldn’t disavow David Duke when he was confronted on it. He wouldn’t disavow the Klan when he was confronted on it. This is a guy where racism is baked in the cake and he is deeply disconnected with the majority of Americans’ feelings on things.

Trump supporters repeatedly say that Trump isn’t a bigot. That’s what the media has portrayed him as, they claim, but it’s not who he really is.

But, as Rick Wilson pointed out, Trump is intentionally appealing to those who are racist by consistently playing the politics of bigotry and minority resentment to stir up hate and win votes.

It’s no accident that so many racist organizations have enthusiastically thrown their support behind the spray-tanned buffoon, and it’s certainly no surprise when Trump essentially winks at these hate groups by tweeting or saying something inflammatory.