Top Republican Drowns In His Own Email Hypocrisy While Criticizing Hillary Clinton

If you’re wondering just how deep Republicans are willing to dig their Get Hillary hole as they overplay their hands yet again, you need look no further than the glaring hypocrisy of lead pitch-fork carrier Representative  Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) using a Gmail account on his official House card.

After ABC News obtained in 2015 Chaffeetz’ official House business card that listed his Gmail addy, Chaffetz told ABC News that it was totally cool because he didn’t pay for the card with government funds and also, neener-neener, Congress is not subject to the Federal Records Act.

Chaffetz also said that he uses both his Gmail and a government email.

In 2011, Chaffetz was  warned by the Department of Homeland Security to stop leaking sensitive information. The Washington Post reported, “a clearly miffed Department of Homeland Security Deputy Counsel Joseph B. Maher told Chaffetz that ‘sensitive security information’ provided to his subcommittee by the Transportation Security Administration was illegally disclosed to the press.”

Chaffetz followed up that fail by blowing the CIA’s cover during a Congressional Hearing in 2012, endangering lives.

Perhaps Chaffetz should not be trusted with sensitive information.

Before FBI Director Comey (a Republican) put the Republicans’ conspiracy theories on ice with his news that there was no intention to conceal anything and it wasn’t illegal, Chaffetz said Comey was a “man of integrity” and “the definitive person” to investigate Clinton’s emails.

But now Republicans say he is part of a conspiracy to protect Hillary Clinton, so they are holding yet another investigation into their failed investigation that led to the FBI investigation that also failed.


Chaffetz is not only a horrible hypocrite, but he is also an even worse politician. Republicans are just begging to have their dirty laundry aired, and have the press focus on their exceptional waste of taxpayer money in their relentless attacks against Hillary Clinton.

They failed in the Benghazi hearings and they failed with her emails.