Why I Am Not Upset About Bernie Sanders Endorsing Hillary Clinton

We all know that Bernie Sanders is a very good man, and that his interests lie with the American people, and he has fought in his many years of service to promote what is best for them. Even though Bernie Sanders did not get the Democratic nomination, his movement succeeded in many ways, and Hillary Clinton has recognized this by accepting much of his platform such as free higher education for children of families making $125,000 or less. He has stayed in the race as long as he can to maximize his leverage on the party platform, and he sincerely desires to make sure the Democratic Party supports the working and middle class in America.

There are reports that there will be a joint rally between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. That’s a very good sign because it shows that in spite of the naysayers who would like to pretend otherwise, Bernie Sanders is an actual leader of the progressive base of the party, and Hillary Clinton understands that to her credit because she needs Bernie Sanders’ supporters in order to win the White House. Every single vote matters, and she can’t afford to take them for granted because a sizeable minority of Americans supports Donald Trump for President.  She is a cautious, intelligent candidate, and she will be a reasonable President if elected. There are valid concerns about her impartiality and the corporate donors that has donated to her, but a part of American democracy is holding our politicians accountable and pushing them to do the right policies. And also speaking up loudly when they go in the wrong direction.

After all, President Obama has said many times for citizens to hold him accountable, and for the grassroots base to keep pushing him on the right agendas. That is what citizenship is about, and Bernie Sanders understands that. I am quite sure that Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton, and keep on working to hold her accountable in supporting progressive issues, and not to bend under pressure from corporate interests  when she is in the White House.

The truth is, Bernie Sanders can’t do it alone. Neither can Hillary Clinton. They need us. They need us to stay active, involved, and keep engaging them on the issues that matter most to us. And if we do not like the current makeup of Congress, and we want more progressives elected, then you can’t opt out of the entire process. Support progressive candidates in local ticket races, donate, and make sure they get elected.

That’s how the tea party conservatives took over their party. We’re better than them, but we haven’t done so because we tend to tune in during presidential elections and tune out during congressional and local races. So to see the change we want, we’ve got to act, and get involved in local races at the city, congressional, state, and national level. I am with Bernie Sanders because he understands this. I hope you do too.