Indiana GOP Wants Trump to Pick Mike Pence as VP

Newt “Drop Trou for America” Gingrich is a popular choice right now, but the Indiana GOP wants Donald Trump to pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, and the Indianapolis Star pointed to many who say Pence is the ‘likely pick.’

Republican praise does not amount to anything other than an endorsement of bigotry, and let’s face it: not much can be said for Pence, who met with Trump over the weekend, other than the fact that he hasn’t said “no” – yet.

That’s no small virtue when, like Trump, you’re awash in a sea of people who don’t want anything to do with you.

It will be remembered that Pence offered a personal expression of support for Ted Cruz during the primaries, but he quickly – less than a week later – endorsed Trump, and we can be certain the reality star will be willing to overlook something so “trivial” for a guy who is willing to say “yes.”

Pence has hinted he would say “yes” to Trump, and also seems interested in not being a Sarah Palin-type quitter, announcing “Even if I become vice president, I can fill out my term.” Well there’s a unique idea. And it might even be true, though how fair it will be to Hoosiers is open to question.

As CNN has pointed out,

Time is running out for both Pence and Trump: Pence has to decide by July 15 whether to run for re-election as governor or join Trump, since Indiana law prohibits doing both past that date.

One thing that might factor into Pence’s decision-making paradigm is that his days as governor might be numbered, whether he chooses to run in Indiana or not.

He is the extremist, you will remember, who screwed up big time with his infamous “religious freedom” bill that had companies ready to stampede out of Indiana.

As of the end of April, his support was at 49 percent, in a virtual dead heat with Democrat John Gregg, whom he narrowly edged out in the governor’s race in 2012.

And Indiana Republicans won’t necessarily be sorry to see Pence move on, given his religious freedom fiasco and what they see as the increased chance of winding up with a Democratic governor.

But hey, that’s the kind of judgment Trump likes. And he said he’d choose next week, though if you’re committed to a colossal error in judgment, why wait?