Republican Despair Grows As Instead Of Campaigning Trump Is Hate Tweeting CNN

Donald Trump is supposedly running for president, but instead of campaigning after a horrible week of shootings, Trump is sitting on his butt at home sending hate tweets to CNN.

Here is what Trump has been tweeting:

Trump is losing in every credible poll. The Republican Party is flailing around deeply divided. The nominee should be leading the party, but Republican primary voters picked Donald Trump, so what they are getting is a lazy candidate who holds a few events each week, and spends most of his time obsessing about his media coverage.

Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party through a combination of incompetence, poor judgment, and neglect.

Nominees for the White House are normally concerned about dozens of things other than their media coverage, but for Trump, the media seems to be his one and only constant obsession. Trump is glued to cable news all day.

Republicans are already in a state of despair over the fact that they can’t seem to get their lazy nominee to turn off cable news, get off of the couch, and actually run for president, and the depression only deepens when they think about how Trump is wasting days that should be spent campaigning plopped in front of television.

Trump is a joke. On a week when he could have been showing voters that he has the mettle to be president, Donald Trump is watching TV and whining about CNN.

It isn’t just a matter of fitness for the position; Donald Trump is acting like he as no interest in being president.

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