The Republican Party Has Gone Completely Insane As Pence Compares Trump To Reagan

The Republican Party is so desperate to avoid the reality of Donald Trump that Gov. Mike Pence is comparing Trump to Ronald Reagan.


As Mike Pence met with reporters, he said, “We were very moved by how gracious and kind they were to our family, and I think he is going to be a great president. I think he has connected with everyday Americans like no one since Ronald Reagan.”

Gov. Pence was correct. Donald Trump is just like Ronald Reagan after the Alzheimer’s. Oh, Pence was trying to convince Republicans that Trump is like Reagan was before he lost his mental faculties? If this is the case, the Reagan children should sue Gov. Pence for smearing the name of their late father.

Ronald Reagan wasn’t the political deity that some Republicans make him out to be, but Reagan was one hundred times more the political leader than Trump could ever be. Ronald Reagan does not deserve to be compared to Donald Trump.

One of the biggest problems with the Republican Party is that they have resisted all progress while trying to go back to the past by finding the next Reagan. There isn’t going to be another Ronald Reagan. America has changed so much that it is open to debate whether Ronald Reagan could win a presidential election if he were in his prime today.

Pence’s comments also highlight the other main problem with the GOP. Republicans are capable of such great self-delusion that they can convince themselves of anything. Trump is an orange disaster, but the GOP refuses to face reality.

If Republicans think Trump = Reagan, they have gone insane and are way past the point of no return.