Donald Trump Is Having A Melt Down Because Bernie Sanders Is Supporting Hillary Clinton


Donald Trump is throwing a tantrum because Bernie Sanders is supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

Trump tweeted:


Trump’s Twitter outburst was designed to try to split the Democratic Party. Trump knows so little about the Sanders movement that he thinks Bernie Sanders has fans. Sen. Sanders is a public servant, not a reality television star. Sanders doesn’t have fans. He has supporters who are standing with him in a political movement to take power away from people like Donald Trump, and give the government back to the people.

Donald Trump was hoping that Bernie Sanders would help him win by attacking Hillary Clinton and fighting at the Democratic convention. Sen. Sanders was never going to give Trump an opening to win the election. Trump has mistaken the usual disgruntled far left that hates anyone who they deem not progressive enough for a viable bloc of voters who could power him to victory.

The small gang never Clinton holdouts are dwarfed by the Sanders supporters who don’t want to see Donald Trump be elected the next president. The never Hillary crowd isn’t going to vote for Trump. Many of them will vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party.

The real reason why Trump is throwing a fit is that his only chance of winning the election just went down the tubes. A Clinton/Sanders one-two punch is going to knock out the presumptive GOP nominee, because while Donald Trump is a billionaire who pretends to be a populist, Bernie Sanders is the real deal.

From now until November, Sen. Sanders will make it his personal mission to make sure that Donald Trump is not the next President Of The United States.