CNN Admits That Corey Lewandowski Is Paid Trump Plant On Their Network

CNN is finally disclosing on the air to their viewers that Corey Lewandowski is a paid plant who remains on the Trump campaign’s payroll.


Media Matters noted that CNN is disclosing on the air that Lewandowski remains on the Trump payroll, “Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is still being paid by the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s campaign while simultaneously drawing a salary as a CNN contributor to discuss the candidate on-air, according to the network. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and host Don Lemon noted that Lewandowski is “still receiving severance from the Trump campaign” while introducing him in July 11 and July 12 segments.”

CNN hired Corey Lewandowski three weeks ago and are just now beginning to disclose to their viewers that he is still being paid by Trump. Lewandowski’s on air performance has been as dreadful as one would expect from a paid campaign plant who is pretending to be a political analyst.
What CNN has pulled off is an act of Fox News level journalistic malpractice. CNN has been falsely selling a Trump employee as an objective voice. If Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager turned up on CNN as a paid staff member, Republicans would have a fit and begin screaming about CNN being the Clinton News Network.

Donald Trump has frequently bashed CNN on his Twitter account, but it all a cover. Outside of Fox News, nobody is friendlier to Trump than CNN. Cable news has been far from objective in this presidential election, and the fact that CNN is hiring people who are still on the Trump payroll and bound by non-disclosure agreements to Trump is a reminder that Hillary Clinton not only has to beat the Republicans in November, She also has to overcome the Trump supporting media.