Republican Student Confronts Paul Ryan for His Moral Failure of Supporting Trump

There is hope for our country after all.

The proof is in this exchange between a Republican student and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) during his CNN town hall hosted by Jake Tapper.

Zachary Marcone, a Republican student, said he couldn’t support Donald Trump because he is “openly racist” and asked Speaker Ryan how he could morally justify his support of Trump.

Marcone confronted Ryan easily during the Tuesday evening event, “Can you tell me, how can you morally justify your support for this kind of candidate?”

Paul Ryan was justifying his endorsement of Trump by saying if not Trump, we get Hillary. Ryan claimed it’s a “binary choice”, either Trump or Clinton when Marcone made the moral argument that a vote for Trump is untenable due to his racism.

Ryan pivoted away from the question, taking refuge in claiming that Trump would enact a conservative agenda and pointing to the Supreme Court open seat as the final justification.

As I pointed out when Republicans first decided to block Obama’s SCOTUS nominee Justice Merrick Garland, the public is not going to want Donald Trump to pick the next Supreme Court justice.

Republicans chose to deny Obama the right and responsibility of his office because they saw it as a winning get out the vote strategy. But it is not so great when the argument is to hand Donald Trump the power over the highest court in the land.

An even finer point here is that Democrats are becoming the party of morality because Republicans choose to bathe in racism, southern strategy and appealing to the worst nature of voters.

Zachary Marcone proves that there are Republicans who find Trump’s deliberate use of racial animosity morally repugnant. The ends do not justify the means to these folks.

But even if it did, what kind of fool believes that Donald Trump will do as he is told by the Republican party? Donald Trump is a Sarah Palin, he is in it for himself and his bank account – he is not in this to enact a conservative agenda. Donald Trump could not care less about the conservative cause, unless the modern conservative clause is hate. There is an argument to be made for the fact that conservative media is certainly driving the Republican party into a hate ditch.

Just because he spews hate with the best of them doesn’t mean he is a reliable actor. Anyone who trusts Donald Trump to follow the rules is a big fool. But what does it say about Paul Ryan that he is willing to overlook Donald Trump’s blatant ugly appeal to the dark side of American politics?

It’s not a good look. If Paul Ryan has his eye on the White House, and we all know he does, he is not thinking clearly. His endorsement of Trump and willingness to turn a blind eye to Trump’s hatred will haunt his career.