Broke And Abandoned Republicans Beg Sheldon Adelson for $6 Million For Convention

Things are so bad for Republicans that even David Koch doesn’t want to be seen funding Donald Trump.

In a letter dated July 12, for a convention that starts days away on July 18, the RNC sent a letter to billionaire Sheldon Adelson begging for 6 million dollars.

Politico reports:

Millions of dollars short and running out of time, organizers of the Republican National Convention have written an urgent request for $6 million to Las Vegas billionaire couple Sheldon and Miriam Adelson to cover the bills for next week’s festivities.

Why? The Trump stench is so strong, even David Koch pulled his 1 million dollar pledge.

In a letter addressed to the Adelsons, obtained by POLITICO, the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee revealed the names of more than two dozen prominent corporations and individuals who have reneged on a collective $8.1 million in pledged donations.

On March 30, Coca-Cola pulled their support after ColorOfChange sent letters to Coca-Cola, Google, Xerox, Adobe Systems, AT&T, and Cisco Systems asking them not to support the Republican National Convention if Donald Trump was the nominee. Coke had already donated $75,000.00 but they said in March that they have no plans to donate more.

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft also will not be giving Trump’s convention any money, but they will be providing technology.

Apple took an even stronger stance than other corporate giants against Trump and his Republican convention by announcing that they would not provide money or technology to the Trump hate event.

Trump is so odious that Republicans can’t even pay for their own convention, and days before it’s set to start, ran to Big Daddy Adelson to beg for money. Sad.

The good news is we finally have evidence of the trickle down theory Republicans have believed in for years, in spite of evidence disproving it. But this isn’t exactly the same as giving to the rich so it will “trickle down” on the poor. No, this is the trickle down effect of hate.