Donald Trump Tries To Make Another International Tragedy All About Him

Donald Trump is trying yet again to make a terrorist attack all about him.

Even though the situation is still highly fluid, much of the facts continue to be unknown, and bodies still lay in the streets of Nice, Trump jumped on Twitter to post another self-congratulatory tweet.

As Zack Beauchamp of Vox wrote tonight, “It’s been a little over an hour since we heard about the horror in Nice, France — a truck driver running over a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day, killing at least 70 people. We don’t know really anything about what happened beyond that, but Donald Trump has already fired off an I-told-you-so tweet.”


Then, after making a big fuss about cancelling his vice presidential announcement, he phoned into FOX News.

Once again, the grandstanding Trump is exploiting a terrorist attack and stoking fear in order to score political points. Without even knowing the facts on the ground, the spray-tanned buffoon runs his mouth because he thinks it’ll help his campaign.

This is just the latest example of Donald Trump proving he shouldn’t be commander-in-chief.

In a lengthier (and more presidential) statement following the attack, President Obama offered more sympathetic and optimistic words, saying, “We know the character of the French Republic will endure.”