Tim Tebow Dumps Trump’s Convention And Bails On Speaking In Cleveland

Things are so bad for Donald Trump that even Tim Tebow is bailing on his doomed convention in Cleveland.

Tebow said in a video posted to his social media accounts:

Trump convention full of stars has a noticable lack of stars, as stars from the political world and the sports world have bailed on Trump. By the time the GOP hits Cleveland in four days all that may be left to speak for Trump could be Bobby Knight, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and Trump’s wife and kids.

Donald Trump calls himself a winner, but nobody wants to speak at his convention. It wasn’t a surprise that Tebow bailed on Trump. He has a job at ESPN, and being associated with the toxic pit of division that is Donald Trump would certainly not be good for the squeaky clean right-wing evangelical image that Tebow has spent years building.

It turns out that Tim Tebow is just like much of the Republican Party. He is supporting Trump, but refusing to speak for him at the convention. Trump wanted sports superstars at his convention, but it turns out that he couldn’t even get washed up Tim Tebow.

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