Donald Trump Gives #NeverTrump the Finger Gloating They Were Crushed Last Night

Once again displaying the temperament that proves him unfit for the White House, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump tweeted a gloating, undiplomatic FU to the conservatives in the #NeverTrump movement, saying they are “never more. They were crushed last night.”

“#NeverTrump is never more. They were crushed last night in Cleveland at Rules Committee by a vote of 87-12. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Trump was reacting to the news that Republican leaders killed a #NeverTrump plan to unbind delegates, which means that Trump is the Republican leader and presumptive nominee for sure.

Contrast Donald Trump’s behavior with Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, as she courted Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters by incorporating much of his agenda into her platform.

It isn’t just Trump. Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort’s strategy is the same blustering bully taunts as Trump himself. Former Jeb Bush communications director and Co-Founder of America Rising Tim Miller made the comparison:

Clinton and Sanders both presented a picture of dignified unity when he endorsed her, and Clinton was magnanimous, gracious, respectful and appreciative of Sanders’ hard fought campaign and now support.

Real leaders don’t take to twitter to scream “Neener neener!” at anyone, let alone the people in their own party who disagree with them.

But then real leaders don’t let their campaign manager tell cable news that they delayed a decision because they “emotionally reacted” to an attack like the one on Nice last night:

Real leaders don’t postpone announcing their VP pick because they’re mad about media leaks. But Donald Trump did.

Emotionally reacted is a nice way to sum up Trump. He is a ball of uncontrolled emotions just waiting to explode at the slightest thing. He can’t stay a course because he is ruled by his very easily injured and unfurled feelings.