The Roof Caves In On Trump As Clinton Leads In N. Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida

A new swing state poll shows Hillary Clinton comfortably leading Donald Trump in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the latest Wall Street Journal/Marist/NBC News swing state poll:

Mrs. Clinton led Mr. Trump 44% to 37% among registered voters in Florida, the nation’s largest swing state. She had 44% to Mr. Trump’s 35% in Virginia, and was ahead 43% to 35% in Colorado.

President Barack Obama won all three states in his two White House campaigns. In North Carolina, which Mr. Obama narrowly lost in 2012, Mrs. Clinton had 44% to 38% for Mr. Trump.

None of these states are very close, as this was the third swing state poll in the last two days to show Clinton leading Trump in states that are expected to be up for grabs in November. The WSJ/NBC/Marist poll results also lend credibility to the thought that the Quinnipiac University polls that showed Trump either leading or tied with Clinton in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida were outliers.

The consensus among the polls is that Hillary Clinton is currently leading. It is July so these results will change, but the second consistency in all the polling is Trump’s inability to get above 40%. Trump isn’t expanding his base. The same people who supported him in the Republican primary are sticking with him in the general election.

Hillary Clinton’s numbers fluctuate with the news cycle, but Donald Trump consistently stays at the same low level. As he heads to Cleveland for the convention, the reality remains that Donald Trump still has no clear path to the White House.