Trump Threw A Fit And Postponed His VP Announcement Because Of Media Leaks

The real reason why Donald Trump has postponed his VP announcement is that he was upset that Indiana Republicans leaked that he had chosen Mike Pence.

NBC News reported:
Sources tell NBC News that Donald Trump was watching news coverage from his Beverly Hills home Thursday and was described as surprised and “irritated” that news organizations were identifying Pence as his choice early in the day.

Those sources said that by mid-afternoon, after the initial news reports, he had still “not informed” the other two men on his final list -former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — that a final decision had been reached. Trump spoke to Gov. Christie after 4:00pm in what was described as a “tense” conversation where a Pence pick was discussed but a final decision was not communicated. By about 5:00pm, sources said Trump had not personally made the offer to Pence to join the ticket. But by that time, other signals, movements and the Indiana governor’s arrival in the New York City area on a private plane appeared to signal that the choice had been made.

How could Donald Trump possibly have been surprised by this? Has he ever seen a presidential election before? Most VP choices leak before the official announcement. In this case, the problem originated with Indiana Republicans who has gone into an immediate feeding frenzy while lining up to replace Pence.

Update: Trump officially announces Pence:

Donald Trump is throwing a tantrum because his surprise was spoiled. In all honesty, Trump’s big announcement is tiny. He will choose from a VP pool that includes a bigoted governor who the broader electorate has never heard of, the unpopular scandal-riddled Governor of New Jersey, or a disgraced former Speaker of the House.

As usual, Trump is more interested in generating publicity that making a good decision.\

It’s all about Donald Trump, and his attempts to try to fool voting into electing him based on spectacle instead of substance.