The Universe Conspires Against Trump As Military Coup In Turkey Kills His VP Buzz

First, there was the terror attack in Nice, France and now a military coup in Turkey. What was supposed to be one of the biggest moments for any presidential campaign has been rendered a third-rate afterthought by more serious news.
Bloomberg is reporting that parts of the Turkish military are attempting to overthrow the government:

Turkey’s army says it seized power in the country as warplanes flew over the capital and tanks blocked roads in Istanbul. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said his government is still in control and will resist.

The army said in an e-mailed statement that it took power to restore freedom and democracy. It said all international agreements will be honored.

The coup effort won’t be permitted to succeed, Yildirim told NTV television. He said army units have besieged “some institutions,” and he said police — traditionally closer to his government than the army — have been ordered to use arms if necessary. He said the elected government remains in power.

Sandwiched around the horrific truck attack in Nice, France and a military coup in Turkey was Donald Trump’s announcement of Mike Pence as his running mate.

One of the under-discussed elements of this election is the role that breaking news has played in shaping the perceptions of the candidates.

Trump tends to use every breaking news situation as an opening to gin up fear and reinforce his message that America is not safe. Hillary Clinton has reacted to breaking events by putting her skills on display and demonstrating to voters exactly what she would do if she became the next president.

Donald Trump attempts to exploit breaking news for emotional manipulation, while Hillary Clinton looks to send the impression to voters that she is the competent adult choice for president.

Trump was very lucky during the Republican presidential primary. He lucked out because his Republican opponents didn’t take him seriously. He ran against a field of uninspiring choices, and Trump benefited from Jeb Bush completely misjudging the primary electorate.

Donald Trump is on the big stage now, and his luck has run out. Real news and the sort of crisis that every president has to deal with our dominating the campaign. Trump’s luck has been bad, but his response to all of these unforeseen events has revealed a candidate who is unable to rise to the challenge and demonstrate the qualities needed in a president.

The universe is conspiring to send the message that Donald Trump is not a future president.