Trump Just Accused Hillary Clinton Of Murder During Disastrous Mike Pence Announcement

The Trump announcement of Mike Pence has been a complete fiasco, as the Republican nominee has hijacked the event by accusing Hillary Clinton of murder.


Trump went on a rambling rant about Hillary Clinton, “She a corrupt person, and what she’s done with the emails, and what she’s done with other things, and I see the ads up all the time, the ads. She’s totally bought and paid for by Wall Street, the special interests, the lobbyists. One hundred percent. She’s crooked Hillary. And I think that while she got away with murder.”

The announcement itself has been a disjointed disaster. Pence wasn’t even on stage while Trump was reading his written remarks. Trump gave token mention to Pence, but he is making it clear that Pence isn’t even a co-star on the Republican ticket. This is the Donald Trump show, and Mike Pence is nothing more than a guest star/constitutional necessity on the Republican ticket.

Trump would ramble on about various unrelated topics, and then try to pivot to Pence by saying, “back to Mike Pence.”

What was supposed to be Mike Pence’s big moment on the national stage was the Donald Trump show, as Trump hijacked the announcement of his own VP nominee by accusing Hillary Clinton of murder.

Trump’s announcement of Pence has been nothing short of a chaotic disaster that is likely not to give Republicans the slightest bump in the polls.

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