Obama Gets The Respect He Deserves As Voters Give Him Credit For Improving Economy

More bad news for Republicans as the latest NBC News/WSJ poll revealed that a plurality of Americans gave President Obama credit for improving the economy.

Via NBC News:
Additionally, 49 percent believe the economy has improved during Obama’s presidency, and they give him credit for it, while another 15 percent acknowledge that it’s improved but don’t give the president credit.

Just 36 percent of voters say the economy hasn’t improved during Obama’s presidency.

The 36% who suggest that the economy didn’t improve under President Obama is right in line with the standard percentage that makes up the hardcore Obama-hating base of the Republican Party that can be found in nearly every poll.

The 13 point margin between those who give Obama credit and those who don’t closely mirrors the 12 point lead that Hillary Clinton has enjoyed over Donald Trump in recent polling.
President Obama’s importance can’t be overstated in this campaign. Obama is a popular president. His approval rating is remaining above 50% for the third straight month. Obama can appeal to appeal to Independents and the Democratic coalition that powered him to victory in two presidential elections.

Barack Obama is Hillary Clinton’s “trump” card. The President hasn’t been deployed to the campaign trail yet, but when he is, the Clinton campaign will have a weapon that Trump and the Republicans can’t match.

Republicans already have a terrible election campaign brewing, and the news that President Obama is getting the credit and respect he deserves is about to make things a lot worse for Trump and the GOP.