Bush Channels Trump – Blames President Obama For Donald Trump’s Rise


*The following is an opinion column by R Muse *

For all their talk and rhetoric about personal responsibility and accountability, Republicans are inherently prone to blaming everyone under the Sun for their actions. Since before Barack Obama was elected president, Republicans were plagued with Obama Derangement Syndrome that besides refusing to govern, caused them to blame every- and anything untoward that happened in America and around the world on Barack Obama.

Despite the entire world’s governments acknowledging that George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq destabilized the entire region and created the dreaded ISIL, Republicans blame President Obama, despite that he wasn’t in Congress. When half-wit Sarah Palin’s son was arrested for physically abusing his significant other, she naturally blamed President Obama. For dog’s sake, even when rogue racist cops gun down unarmed African Americans, Republicans blame President Obama. So it was not all out of character for a Republican, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, to pen an op-ed in the Washington Post blaming President Obama for Donald Trump’s rise to power and takeover of the Republican Party.


It’s likely the intent of Bush’s op-ed, “Trump does not represent the future of the country – or the GOP” was secondarily to express his displeasure that Donald Trump garnered the Republican nomination Jeb thought was his birthright. But he couldn’t possibly condemn Trump too severely without criticizing the Party establishment and the base supporting the race-baiting fascist. Bush’s not-so-clever maneuver was to blame Trump’s ascension as the GOP Party leader, including the base’s support of the fascist, on conservative voters’ fear, anger, and general antipathy toward anything non-white and non-Christian on President Barack Obama.

The only truth in Bush’s entire piece was admitting that Trump had successfully taken advantage of the anxiety (read fear and hatred) among conservatives and Republicans. That was the end of the truth in Bush’s screed because he went on to claim that Trump in no way “reflects the principles or inclusive legacy of the Republican Party.” Then he goes on to excuse the Donald after rejecting him as party leader because “he did not create the political culture on his own.” That hate-driven Republican culture was, according to Jeb Bush, President Obama’s creation.

According to Bush, President Obama single-handedly undermined the American peoples’ faith in politics and government by spending the past eight years employing divisive tactics, including wielding un-Earthly power to punish his opponents, legislate from the Oval Office, and weaponized federal agencies to force liberal dogma on Americans. These imaginary tactics are, according to Jeb, responsible for Republican obstruction, refusal to compromise on anything, or engage in bipartisanship at any level that in turn further divided the electorate and caused a breakdown in governance and the (Republican) political system.

Jeb Bush actually had the audacity to assert that because President Obama was trying to divide the nation, the Republican Party responded by attempting to out-polarize the president: “making us seem anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker and anti-common-sense.” And, that out of the “attempt to out-polarize President Obama,” the stage was set for Donald Trump to emerge as the GOP standard bearer.

Bush admits all the conservative anger and fear is warranted and completely understandable, but that it hasn’t inspired a debate within the party about how Republicans win the White House. All it accomplished, he claimed, was allowing a candidate like Mr. Trump to “grotesquely manipulate the deeply felt anger” of racist, religious, and nativistic Americans. He said “Trump’s abrasive, Know Nothing-like nativist rhetoric has blocked out sober discourse;” but that too, like the Republicans’ “seemingly” decades-long anti-everything mindset, is President Obama’s fault according to Bush.

Jeb Bush is either a ridiculously bad liar or a monumental buffoon. He is likely both for having the temerity to say that Republicans only “seem” to be anti-women, anti-gay, anti-worker, anti-science, anti-common sense and anti-immigrant. Republicans were anti all those things and more long before Barack Obama came on to the national scene and it is stunning that Bush would even mention one of those after eight years of Barack Obama strongly advocating for literally everything that the Republican Party “seems” to be against. It is also absurd for him to claim that the only reason Republicans are opposed to everything the majority of the American people support, or Donald Trump’s success, is due to President Obama’s attempt to divide the nation.

The sad fact is that Donald Trump does represent the Republican Party, and a significant portion of the country, and it is a fact that is beyond dispute. It is also a fact that Jeb Bush is a fool to deny his Party’s responsibility for Trump’s ascendance in public because from lowly Republican-led state legislatures to the United States Congress, Republicans have openly prepared for Trump’s takeover by constantly assailing and demonizing women, gays, science, immigrants, people of color, and workers for the past two decades. And, it was not in an attempt to “out-polarize” Barack Obama. It was, and still is, because Republicans fundamentally oppose anything that may work for the benefit of all the American people, something Republicans and their conservative base oppose out of hand. And this is the only reason Donald Trump rose to lead “his” Republican Party – not because Barack Obama is President.