As His Convention Is Melting Down In Front Of Him Donald Trump Angry Tweets CNN

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:12 pm

The Iowa and Colorado delegations walked out, as in less than three hours tensions have boiled over at the Republican convention. While all of this was happening on the convention floor, GOP nominee Donald Trump was sending angry tweets to CNN.

Here is what was happening on the convention floor via ABC News:

The floor of the Republican National Convention erupted into chaos Monday amid an attempt by the Never Trump forces to change the rules of the event, but the efforts were defeated, thwarting the movement to stop the real estate mogul’s path to the nomination.

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Delegates engaged in dueling chants of “roll call vote” and “USA” on the floor after the chair forced a voice vote and judged that those who favored the existing rules prevailed. Colorado’s delegation even walked off of the floor in protest amid the chaos.

The Iowa and Colorado delegates walked out. It was the sort of show of division that should have bothered any nominee unless that nominee is Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, this is what Trump was obsessed with:

The Republican Party is burning itself to the ground in Cleveland, and Donald Trump is worried about his media coverage on CNN.

Trump isn’t even paying attention to what’s happening on the convention floor. All he is concerned with is how it looks on television. Donald Trump is letting the world know that he expects the convention to be about him, not the Republican Party.

If he were based in reality, Trump would realize that he has a major problem on his hands. But Donald Trump lives in a little fantasyland, where instead of leading the GOP, he is more worried about what cable news is saying about him.

The man who is now running the Republican Party isn’t even paying attention to what’s going on.’

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