Melania Trump’s Convention Speech Failed Miserably To Humanize Donald Trump

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:13 pm

Republicans were counting on Melania Trump to make their nominee warm and likable. Instead, her speech was a chilly propaganda address that failed miserably.

One of the great contradictions of Melania Trump’s speech was her background as an immigrant after the Republican Party spent much of the entire first evening of the convention telling America that all immigrants are criminals who should not be allowed into the country.

Mrs. Trump said that she worked hard in the arena of fashion. She connected with the struggles of ordinary Americans by mentioning her time living in Milan and Paris.

Trump told everybody to clap for Bob Dole, who I am not one hundred percent sure wasn’t being held there against his will. Mrs. Trump said that her husband is concerned about the country, and every other sentence of her speech mentioned how great Donald is. Mrs. Trump assured America that Trump would never give up, because he never gives up on business deals, and we all know that being President Of The United States is just like a business deal.

Mrs. Trump said his performance speaks for itself. Yep, the thousands of lawsuits filed against him, bankruptcies, violations of the RICO Act related to Trump University tell us all we need to know.

What is missing in all of these moments that are meant to humanize Trump is warmth. The Trump campaign is selling Trump as a man with no flaws. What was missing in Mrs. Trump’s speech was any sign that Donald Trump is a human being, and not a superhero from the planet Trumpton who was sent here to save America.

The rest of Mrs. Trump’s speech was read off of a teleprompter to the degree that many were waiting for her to announce the ransom that her kidnappers were demanding in exchange for her freedom.

No one expected Melania Trump to give a professional speech. The content of the speech was awful, and if it was meant to make Trump more likable, it failed.

Jason Easley
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