Scott Baio To Rant About Hillary Clinton Entitlement In Deranged GOP Convention Speech

Scott Baio, fresh off of his tweet in which he praised a meme calling Hillary Clinton a “COUNT” without the “O” as the “best” ever meme, will naturally be speaking at the Republican Convention. He was asked at the last moment after he introduced himself to Donald Trump.

Here’s Baio’s tweet:

In his speech, Baio, a white man with a very privileged Hollywood career, will accuse Hillary Clinton of feeling “entitled” to the presidency. Because, you know, women do just sort of feel entitled even though we’ve never had a woman president.

Politico shared excerpts: “We have a choice in November. We can go for Hillary Clinton: who wants to continue the same policies that are wrecking this country. Policies that make us unsafe. A woman who somehow feels entitled to the presidency . . . that she is somehow owed it.”

Yes, Hillary Clinton, who ran and lost to Barack Obama in 2008, feels owed the presidency. She has no idea how hard it is, even though she served her country as Secretary of State, under the man to whom she lost. Even though she lived in the White House for eight years as a First Lady.

“Or we can go for Donald Trump: A man doing this from the goodness of his heart and genuinely wants to help. A man who knows how to get things done . . . and a man who says what he means and means what he says.”

In fact, Donald Trump rarely seems to mean what he says, if fact checkers are to be believed.

“Hillary Clinton wants to be president for her. Donald Trump wants to be President for us.”

Donald Trump talked about himself for 28 minutes, before introducing his running mate. This is not a man who is going to be president “for us.”

Trump is facing fraud lawsuits in both New York and California because he defrauded people in both states with the Trump University get rich scheme. This is not the behavior of a man who will be president “for us.” Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns because he thinks his income is “none of your business.” His refusal to disclose his earnings does not suggest the transparency of man who will be president “for us.”

If by “us” Baio means Donald Trump and only Donald Trump, then yes, Trump is in for us, meaning himself.

Don’t be fooled, as president, Trump will only serve his own interests. Scott Baio wants to stop progress. Donald Trump will be a president for him. There is only one choice for those who want a president for us.