Top Democrat Rips Trump And The RNC For Exploiting Benghazi For Political Gain

Democratic Benghazi Select Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) ripped Republicans for trying to exploit Benghazi for political gain at their convention.


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who served on the Benghazi Select Committee spoke to MSNBC about how Trump has exploited Benghazi for political gain, “But watching Mrs. Smith I have to say was just very hard. She is deeply grieving. You have to respect that grief. You don’t have to respect the fact that the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign have decided to exploit this tragedy for political gain the way they have. We met with most of the family if not all of the family members and they were divided in their view of events, and I just think it terrible that to try to exploit this terrible tragedy. That the Republican Party would stoop to this….I think that this has been consummately politicized in the most blatant way….We’ve never politicized a tragedy like this, and I think it’s really unfortunate to bring a grieving woman in front of the convention in this way.”

The Republican ploy to exploit Benghazi for political gain has backfired. Patricia Smith’s comments have already been fact-checked,, and it was found that there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton ever told the victims’ families that a video was responsible for Benghazi.

Beyond factual accuracy, there was something deplorable about putting an obviously grieving mother in front of the national spotlight to exploit her pain for political gain.

What Republicans have done is morally wrong. It was sleazy. It was distasteful and revealed that for Republicans, Benghazi has never been about the facts. For the GOP, Benghazi has always been a weapon to use against Hillary Clinton.

Instead of being motivated to support Trump, the Republican Benghazi gambit may cause disgust voters to turn off the GOP.