Chris Christie Can’t Hide His Bitterness Over Not Being Chosen VP At GOP Convention

Chris Christie almost choked on the words, and his face couldn’t hide his bitterness when he called Trump his friend at the Republican convention.


This was the look on Christie’s face when he called Trump his friend:


People who talk about their friends normally don’t have a look of frowning rage on their faces. The rest of Christie’s speech was a rehash of his primary campaign material, with Chris Christie acting as a “prosecutor” of Hillary Clinton. Christie ran through various “charges” and asked the crowd if she was guilty or innocent.

Christie was obviously not happy to be there, and his performance was at best a half-hearted effort. Christie blamed Clinton for everything that has gone wrong around the world. The convention crowd, or at least what was left of them, chanted lock her up.

While the delegates were calling for Clinton to go to prison, it was clear that this is the Fox News convention. Republican voters aren’t motivated by supporting Donald Trump. They are turning out to vote against Hillary Clinton.

Chris Christie badly wanted to be VP, and his face couldn’t hide his bitter disappointment at the Republican convention.