Hillary Clinton Might Be The First Candidate To Get A Bounce From Both Conventions

Usually, presidential candidates get a bounce in the polls from their own conventions, but if the day one debacle at the RNC convention is any indication, Hillary Clinton may get a boost in the polls from both the Republican and Democratic conventions.

Day one of the Republican convention in Cleveland was beyond bad. It was a completely identifiable amateur hour mess. The convention began with a rebellion by the Never Trump delegates that was quickly squashed by some strong arm tactics from Trump and the RNC. Trump’s convention began with a prayer from televangelist Pastor Mark Burns, who said, “Our enemy is not other Republicans but is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.”

The Never Trump delegates were in rebellion, while Trump himself was angry tweeting CNN about how they were covering his convention. When the prime time session got started much of the evening was devoted to a disgusting exploitation of Benghazi for political gain and the message that all immigrants are criminals.

The vast majority of speakers who took the stage were amateurs who took the stage and rambled on for way too long. The Trump hoped for highlight of the evening turned into a disaster as it was discovered that Melania Trump plagiarized parts of her convention speech from First Lady Michelle Obama. Throw in Trump entering the convention to introduce his wife with dry ice, a fog machine, and the illegal use of Queen’s We Are The Champions.

It was a depressing and endlessly negative night that seemed to be designed by a man who is obsessed with death, division, fake macho toughness, and completely devoid of any class, taste, or substance.

Trump supporting Republicans weren’t helping things on the media side as Newt Gingrich attacked the Bush family, and Rep. Steve King explained how white people contributed more to Western civilization than all of the other racial “sub-groups” combined.
Donald Trump’s convention was a complete fiasco and the poor execution of an event that had been heavily planned provided valuable insight for voters into how Trump would run the country.

Trump’s convention is such flaming bag of dog poo left on America’s front porch that it is likely to help Hillary Clinton gain support. Nominees usually get a bounce coming out of their convention, but Republicans might be lucky if Donald Trump doesn’t lose support.

Hillary Clinton might be the first presidential candidate ever to get a bump in the polls after her opponent’s convention.