Paul Ryan Barely Mentions Donald Trump In A Speech That Put The RNC To Sleep

In a lackluster speech that nearly put the Republican National Convention to sleep, Paul Ryan called for a return to failed GOP policies of the past – all while mentioning Donald Trump’s name just once throughout the 12-minute address.

It was quite the opposite of an enthusiastic endorsement of a man his party officially selected as the nominee on Tuesday evening.

Not only did Ryan ignore the progress of the past eight years – unemployment rate down, weekly earnings up, undocumented immigrant population down, stock market up, trade deficit down, corporate profits up, etc. – but he made some particularly rich statements, given the man he now supports for president.

Here’s a clip from the travesty:

Ryan accused the Democrats of dividing the country by race, saying with a straight face, “In America, aren’t we supposed to see beyond class…ethnicity?”

Meanwhile, he supports a GOP nominee who kicked off his presidential campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists,” proposed a plan to bar Muslims from entering the country, and said that a federal judge isn’t qualified to do his job because of his heritage.

And let’s not forget that Trump kicked off his career in politics by demanding President Obama to show his papers.

Paul Ryan’s speech wasn’t just the oratorical version of NyQuil, but it was also one big attempt to revise history in his party’s favor – and it failed big time.